Important Dates

Mid-October: Receive your Health Score and Goal

October 17 – November 7: Request for 2018 Health Goal Alternate Standard (Medical Waivers). If you were unable to meet your 2018 health goal, you may qualify for the same incentives (premium discount) through our Medical Waiver Alternative. Call (800) 840-6100 or email rasrequest@ to request the Alternative/Medical Waiver.

November 26, 2018: Last day to return Health Goal Alternate Standard Request


New activities to earn points this quarter

  • 50 points: Q4 Wellness Challenge: Random Acts of Kindness, November 1-30 (details coming soon)
  • 25 points: Celebrate 10 Scavenger Hunt, October 1 – December 31
  • 10 points: Flash Challenge, December 1-15

To see all ways you can earn points, log in to Interactive Health, click Action Plan, then click All Activities.

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