Relax, renew, and recharge with our Quarterly Mental Well Being Challenges

Overall wellness isn’t just a body that eats well and moves a lot. It’s also about your social and mental well-being too! That’s why in our 2019 Love Your Life program, we’ve added activities that focus on these aspects of wellness too.

Quarter 2 Challenge: Unplug to Recharge

Dates: Anytime right for you in Quarter 2

(April 1 – June 30)


In today’s world, technology can be very distracting. It can cause accidents, decrease social interactions and prevent us from being present in the moment. This challenge will help you focus on reconnecting with the world around you.

When it’s right for you, take this 20 day Challenge to Unplug and Recharge. Complete this Challenge before Quarter’s end for 25 Love Your Life points. Log your completion under Mental Well Being Challenge at Interactive Health.

Download the calendar and instructions here.

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