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How to participate in Quarter 3

Because we are temporarily without an online platform, we have lost access to online workshops and the ability to sync wearable devices/activity trackers.

  • NEW – Earn 1 point per day that you exercise continuously for 20 (or more) minutes.
  • NEW – Log your wellness activities once. It is up to you to keep up with your points and activities.
  • With the exception of online workshops and device syncing, the same wellness activities you’ve enjoyed remain as-is for you.
  • Quarter 3 activities include Exercise Tracking, Nutrition Challenges, Preventive Care, Flash Challenges, Iron Chef departmental competition (in August), Mental Well-Being Challenge, and Local/Onsite Activity completions.


Your Action Steps

  1. Log your wellness activities once using the form below. You’ll complete and submit the form when you have 100 (or more) points for the Quarter.
  2. Form should be completed before 9/30/2020 for Wellness Credits incentives.
  3. Only log what you completed. Not what you intend to complete. 


Quarter 3 is now closed. 




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