Quarter 4 Dates: October 1 – December 31

Maintain Dont Gain

Here’s a breakdown of points opportunities and happenings in Quarter 4:

  • Q4 Wellness Challenge (50 points) – Maintain, Don’t Gain: This November, you’ll be encouraged to maintain your weight by increasing physical activity and focusing on good nutrition.
  • Get Moving (up to 75 points): Stay active and by logging your cardio/strength workouts or syncing your activity tracker (like FitBits, Garmins, Apple Watch, etc) you can almost meet your quarter goal!
  • Annual Well Exam/Physical (50 points): Is it time for your annual check up? It’s a great time to review your Love Your Life lab work with your healthcare provider.
  • Annual Preventive (25 points): Mammogram, Colonoscopy, Chiropractic/Acupuncture
  • Onsite/Local Activity (25 points): Charitable race/event, Principal Retirement (one on one meetings), THRIVE Weight Loss, Tobacco Cessation
  • Online Workshops (25 points each, up to 75 points)


2018 Health Scores and Goals

Employees who completed their enrollment steps by the deadline should receive their Health Scores and Goals online in mid-October. Employee Wellness will notify you when they are available. What comes next?


My Action Steps:

Check your new 2018 Health Score and Goal

How do I do this?

Online at Interactive Health, myinteractivehealth.com


Scores will be available mid-October

Unable to meet your 2017 Health Goal?

You may qualify for the same incentive (2018 premium discount) through our Alternative Standard (Medical Waiver).

How do I do this? Call 1-800-840-6100 to speak with an Interactive Health, Health Management nurse about your situation and to request the Alternative.


  • Requests are due by November 8, 2017
  • Waivers (if qualified) must be returned to Interactive Health by November 22, 2017 (no exceptions)

Benefits Fairs

Employee Wellness and Interactive Health will be at the annual Benefits Fairs in October. Stop by and see us!

  • October 18          WMC      7 am – 3 pm
  • October 19          CMH       7 am – 12 pm
  • October 20          Foley      7 am – 12 pm
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