How to Earn Credits with Healthy Activities

Attainable Goals. Sustainable Health. Substantial Rewards!


Participating in Love Your Life is your opportunity to improve your health throughout the year in a way that is both fun and financially rewarding. You can earn $100 per quarter in Wellness Credits as you improve your health and complete the tasks on your Personal Health Action Plan.

Start earning rewards now!

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Click on Action Plan and Points Details

What to Expect

Learn your health score, your health goal and receive a detailed report with your Personal Health Action Plan. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Compete in challenges designed to motivate you to improve your health
  • Engage with a health coach
  • Interact with a personal trainer or nutritionist
  • Log your food and count your calories
  • Stay connected with a mobile app
  • Earn Quarterly Rewards with My Action Plan

There are a variety of ways to earn rewards as you improve your health. In the process of earning rewards, you will learn a great deal about health and wellness and will have plenty of opportunities to put your knowledge into action…maybe even while enjoying a little healthy competition with your coworkers!

Here are the ways you can earn points each quarter:

Health Action  Points per Action Total Available Points 
 Complete Treasure Hunt Quiz 25 25
 Complete Annual Wellness Exam and/or Pap/Pelvic Exam 50 50
Complete Online Workshop 25 75
Complete Team Challenge 50 50
Log Cardio/Steps activity (1 point per day for 7,500 steps or more) 1 75
Complete Onsite or Local/Community Activity 25 25
Total Points Available   375
Total Points Required to Earn Maximum Incentive   100

(Participation in Healthy Activities/Quarterly Wellness Credits is optional)

Sync your fitness wearables with Interactive Health

You can sync many wearable devices to your Interactive Health profile so that your step activity will be automatically recorded in your records. (earn up to 75 points)

▶︎ Click here to view a list of all supported devices.

Online Workshops

Complete up to three online workshops for a total of 75 points. To access workshops, log into Interactive Health, select Action Plan in the top menu, then select Wellness Workshops on the left.

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