Free lab work (over $400 value!)

  • Lipid panel, complete blood count, complete metabolic panel, and a PSA for men ages 50-69 (with consent)
  • Share with your healthcare provider


$100 quarterly Wellness Credits (employees only)

Employees can earn Wellness Credits within the Action Plan when logged in at Interactive Health. Participate in Team Challenges, Online Workshops, or sync your favorite fitness apps and wearable devices for points towards Credits. Click for a list of supported apps and devices. 

Choose from the following each quarter (if applicable):

    • January – March
    • April – June
    • July – September
    • October – December

ARHS Health Plan Discounts* (employees only)

  • Employee only ($66/month)
  • Employee + dependents ($100/month)

* Maintain your Premium Discount next year by meeting your Health Goals

Year 1: Annual Enrollment

After your first September Love Your Life enrollment, receive your Baseline Health Score and Health Goal.


  • Health Score is based on results from your Health Assessment, biometric screening, and fasting lab work.
  • Your Personal Health Score is comprised of several key health risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
  • Premium discount is awarded for completing enrollment requirements by the deadline.

Small Changes Add Up

Progress towards your health goal by working with your healthcare provider and participating in Healthy Activities to earn Wellness Credits.


Year 2 & Beyond)

At September Annual Enrollment when you re-enroll in Love Your Life, you will be given a new health score and goal.


Met your Health Goal for the year OR fulfilled the Reasonable Alternative Standard?


  • Yes: Premium discount is applied for the next health plan year
  • No: You lose your premium discount for the next health plan year

New employees are invited to enroll at the New Employee Orientation. Employees with a qualifying event (for health benefits and outside of the annual Employee Wellness enrollment in September) will be invited to enroll in Love Your Life during their benefits eligibility period.

Unable to meet your Health Goal?

If you are unable to meet your health goals that are required for you to earn an incentive under this wellness program, you may qualify for an opportunity to earn the same incentive through an alternative course of action (that, if you wish, will be developed with your doctor).

This alternative course of action must be completed by the date communicated in your wellness program communications. Please contact Interactive Health at least 2 weeks prior to this date at (800) 840-6100 or at to ask about a reasonable alternative standard to qualify for the incentive.


*For spousal participation in Love Your Life, the employee must also be a participant.

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