Frequently Asked Questions

Overview and Program Incentives


Who is Interactive Health?

Interactive Health is our partner, bringing you numerous resources and an engaging web-based experience to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle. Their Health Score and Health Goal is based on clinically measurable, lifestyle influenced risk factors. To help you meet your goals, you’ll have access to tools such as Health Coaching, activity tracking, Wellness Challenges and much more.

What’s in it for me? What incentives can I earn in Love Your Life?

Employees participating in Love Your Life can earn:

  • Free lab work! Approximately $400.00 value.
  • ARHS Premium Discount for completing Love Your Life enrollment.ARHS Premium Discount for completing Love Your Life enrollment by the deadline. Keep your premium discount each year by meeting your Health Goals.
  • $100.00 Quarterly Wellness Credits to spend in a variety of ways.

What if I miss or do not complete the annual enrollment in the fall? Can I still join Love Your Life?

Yes, but with some restrictions for program incentives. Employees who miss our annual open enrollment period in September are not eligible for the premium discount (new employees and qualifying events do not apply). Otherwise, enrolling in Love Your Life gives employees the opportunity to earn our Quarterly Wellness Credits.

I have had a Health Coach in the past. Is this still a requirement to receive the premium discount?

Health Coaching will still be provided with our partners at Interactive Health. However, your participation with Health coaching is not a requirement. You have the option to utilize online, telephonic, or onsite one-on-one health coaching as a resource as you work towards your health goal.


Enrollment and Eligibility


Who can participate in Love Your Life?

Love Your Life is available for any ARHS employee and his/her spouse regardless of health plan enrollment or status (Full-time, Part-time, or PRN).

How do I enroll in Love Your Life?

Enrollment for Employees:

  • Online Health Risk Assessment
  • Biometric assessment Height, weight, body composition, blood pressure, and waist circumference
  • Fasting blood draw CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, and PSA for men ages 50-69 (with consent)

Enrollment for Spouses:

  • Biometric assessment Height, weight, body composition, blood pressure, and waist circumference
  • Fasting blood draw CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, and PSA for men over 50-69 (with consent)

Learn more about how to enroll.

I’m not on the ARHS Health Plan. Can I enroll in Love Your Life? How does my health score and goal affect me?

All employees who enroll in LYL will receive a health score and health goal. However, the health goal is tied only to those on ARHS’s health plan. You are eligible to earn quarterly Wellness Credits through Healthy Activities.

Can my spouse or family member participate?

All ARHS employees’ spouses are eligible to participate in Love Your Life by completing fasting lab work and biometrics assessment. Once enrolled, spouses can participate in various worksite wellness programs such as Show Me the Weigh, tobacco cessation, and onsite health coaching. Spouses are not eligible for the ARHS premium discount, Health Score/Goal, or the Healthy Activities/Quarterly Wellness Credits.

Is my covered spouse’s health score going to affect my insurance premium?

Your spouse’s enrollment in Love Your Life will not affect your insurance premium costs. While your spouse is still eligible to join the Love Your Life program, s/he will not receive a health score or health goal. Your spouse may participate in worksite wellness programs, but will not be eligible for the Wellness Credits or the online Healthy Activities.

How do I access my health assessment results after enrollment?

After you enroll, results will be mailed to your home and will be available online through Interactive Health. The results will include your current health score and your health goal for the next year. Your lab results will be mailed to you separately, either through inner office mail or postal mail.


Personal Health Score and Goal


What is my personal health score?

Interactive Health assigns your Health Score based on national medical guidelines for several key health risk factors. When you receive your personal health score, your goal will either be to reduce (scores above 1) or maintain (scores below 0) your current health score at your next Love Your Life enrollment.

How is my health score calculated?

The score is calculated using targets and clinical measures to reward you for health improvement.

  • Blood Pressure: 1 point is added per blood pressure unit above 139/89. A credit of 5 points is earned if both systolic and diastolic blood pressure values are below 140/90.
  • LDL Cholesterol: 1 point is added per LDL unit above your personal LDL target. A credit of 5 points is earned if you are at or below your LDL target.
  • Glucose: 1 point is added per glucose until above 99 mg/dl. A credit of 5 points is earned if glucose is 99 mg/dl or below.
  • Triglycerides: 1 point is added per 10 triglyceride units above 149 mg/dl. A credit of 5 points is earned if triglycerides are 149 mg/dl or below.
  • Tobacco Use: 40 points are added for using any tobacco product.
  • Weight and BMI are not factored into your health score.

What is my personal health goal?

Your health goal is the target to achieve at your next Love Your Life enrollment and is tied to the ARHS health premium discount. When you receive your personal health score, your health goal will be to either reduce or maintain your current health score by 2018 Love Your Life enrollment (occurring in Sept 2017).

How is my personal health goal set?

Your goal is to achieve as low of a Health Score as possible.

  • If your current score is -20 – 0, your goal will be to remain in this range.
  • If your current score is 1 – 25, your goal will be to achieve – 20 to 0 score.
  • If your current score is above 25, your goal will be to improve current health score by 60%.

What if I don’t reach my health goal?

If you do not reach your health goal or fulfill the alternative standard by the deadline, you will not receive the premium discount for the next health plan year.

Is there a Reasonable Alternative Standard to meeting my health goal?

You may have a medical condition for which it would be unreasonably difficult to satisfy your health goal. If it is medically inadvisable or impossible for you to reach your health goal, you may qualify for an opportunity to earn the incentive through an alternate course of action. If you are seeking an alternative standard or if you have any concerns with the results in your health score, you will call and speak with one of Interactive Health’s Health Management Specialists to discuss your situation and the possible use of a medical waiver. In order to be considered for a reasonable alternative standard, you must provide written documentation from your healthcare provider submitted to Interactive Health.

Will I lose my health insurance or will I lose my job because of my health score or health assessment results?

Absolutely not. It is important to understand that the health information supplied to Love Your Life Employee Wellness is not supplied to your supervisors, nor is it tied to your employment with ARHS or eligibility for health insurance.

Why are you still recording my weight, BMI, and body composition if it’s not calculated in my health score?

While weight and BMI are not directly calculated in your health score, they are still tied to your health and risk of chronic diseases or conditions. Knowing your weight and BMI (along with other biometrics measurements) allows Employee Wellness to determine our metrics driven programs offered to our ARHS community. Additionally, we use BMI as the qualifying trigger for one of our wellness programs, THRIVE.

Are there programs/resources that can help me reach my health goal?

Absolutely! Employee Wellness offers both on-site and online resources to assist in reaching your health goals.

On-Site Resources:

  • One-on-one health coaching with Employee Wellness
  • Quarterly Wellness Challenges get you moving more and eating better
  • Show Me the Weigh
  • THRIVE Wellness (by invitation for qualifying individuals)
  • Tobacco Cessation

Interactive Health online resources:

  • Healthy Activities (earn Quarterly Wellness Credits!)
  • Online Workshops (earn Quarterly Wellness Credits!)
  • Online or telephonic health coaching
  • Monthly Health Webinars
  • Ask an expert (Personal Trainer or Registered Dietitian)


Healthy Activities & Quarterly Wellness Credits


What are Healthy Activities?

With engaging activities, Healthy Activities keeps wellness top of mind throughout the year. Through our web program, you can track wellness activities each quarter to earn $100.00 worth of Wellness Credits.

How Do Wellness Credits work? Can I choose a different incentive each quarter?

Wellness Credits are earned at our new online platform called Healthy Activities through Interactive Health. Each quarter, if you have earned enough points at Healthy Activities, your $100.00 Credit can be used towards:

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution
  • Wellness Center/YMCA account towards membership or services (like personal training, merchandise, etc.)
  • Health and Fitness merchandise through online vendor CA Short.

You have the option to choose a different incentive each quarter. However, all $100 in Wellness Credits must go towards the same incentive in a single quarter. For example, you may contribute your Wellness Credits towards your HSA in quarter 1 and on fitness merchandise in quarter 2.

Wellness Credits are provided only to employees who have completed Love Your Life enrollment.

What if I don’t want to track my Healthy Activities at Interactive Health? Will I be penalized?

No. You are not required to track activities at Interactive Health. However, by not participating with Healthy Activities, you are missing out on the possibility of earning up to $400.00 annually in Wellness Credits that can be contributed towards your Health Savings Account, Wellness Center/YMCA membership account, and/or fitness equipment through our online vendor.

I don’t want to enroll in Love Your Life right now. Can I still log Healthy Activities and earn Wellness Credits?

If you do not enroll in Love Your Life, you may participate in limited Healthy Activities, such as wellness challenges, but you will not be eligible to earn quarterly Wellness Credits (even if you’re accruing points at the website). If you want to earn Wellness Credits or to receive the ARHS premium discount (if applicable), you may enroll in Love Your Life at any time by contacting Employee Wellness.

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