2017 Rules and Program Details

2. To enroll in Love Your Life, all participants must sign the 2017 Participation Form, have their blood pressure, body composition/weight, and waist circumference measured by Employee Wellness and complete a fasting blood draw at an ARHS Outpatient Lab. Your lab order includes CMP, CBC, Lipid Panel, and a PSA for men over 40. In addition to these enrollment steps, employees (only) will also complete an online Health Risk Assessment. All are provided free of charge.

3. Employees who enroll in the ARHS health plan and who complete Love Your Life enrollment by the deadline are eligible to receive the ARHS premium discount in 2017*: Employee Only Coverage: $66/month discount Employee/Dependent and/or Employee/Spouse: $100/month discount

4. Employees who enroll in Love Your Life are eligible to earn $100.00 Quarterly Wellness Credits based on completed wellness activities during the program year at our online Healthy Activities site.

5. During leaves of absence, including FMLA, participants must meet program rules. Any exceptions must be approved by the Employee Wellness Manager.

6. A reasonable alternative standard will be provided to program participants if the wellness activity is considered unreasonably difficult due to a medical condition or is medically inadvisable. The participant must contact Interactive Health at no later than two days to request an alternative.

7. Program participants acknowledge and understand that they may be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of employment, if they knowingly and willfully submit false or fraudulent statement(s) to ARHS regarding the information reported when enrolling or participating in the Love Your Life Wellness Program.

8. Enrollment for 2018 Love Your Life will occur in September 2017.

New employees or employees with a benefits eligibility/effective date after 11/30/2016 are provided a Health Score and Goal at the completion of their Love Your Life enrollment. However, they are not required to meet the Health Goal in 2017 in order to receive premium discounts in 2018 (if applicable). These employees will receive the Health Score and Goal in Sept 2017 to meet by September 2018.

Spouses are not required to enroll in 2017 Love Your Life for premium discount purposes. However, enrollment in Love Your Life is still encouraged (with completion of biometrics and free lab work). Spouses who enroll in Love Your Life will not complete the online Health Risk Assessment, receive a Health Score and Goal , or participate in online Healthy Activities for Quarterly Wellness Credits.

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