Rules and Program Details

Eligibility and Enrollment

  1. Appalachian Regional Healthcare System’s Love Your Life (LYL) program is a voluntary wellness program available to all employees regardless of health plan enrollment. Enrollment is free of charge.
  2. Current employees are invited to voluntarily enroll every year during the fall LYL open enrollment. Outside of annual LYL open enrollment, new employees or employees with a benefits qualifying event are invited to join LYL during their benefits eligibility period.
  3. To enroll in LYL, participants must review/acknowledge the program rules and have their blood pressure, body composition/weight, and waist circumference measured by Employee Wellness.
  4. Employees have the option of completing a fasting blood draw at an ARHS Outpatient Lab. The lab order includes CMP, CBC, and a Lipid Panel. A PSA for men ages 50-69 (with consent) will also be provided.
  5. In addition to these enrollment steps, employees will also complete an online Health Risk Assessment.
  6. During Leaves of Absence, including FMLA, employee participants must meet program rules. Any exceptions must be approved with the Employee Wellness Manager.
  7. Annual LYL open enrollment occurs each fall in September/October. Look for notices from Employee Wellness.


Outcomes Based Programming: Goals and Alternatives

  1. Love Your Life is an outcomes based wellness program with premium discount incentives tied to meeting goals or fulfilling alternative standard(s). All employees in Love Your Life receive goal(s) to achieve by their next annual Love Your Life open enrollment.
  2. In 2021, goals are participation based and will be accomplished online through our wellness program partner, Bravo.
  3. If you are unable, for any reason, to meet your goals that are required for you to earn an incentive under this wellness program, you may qualify for an opportunity to earn the same incentive through an alternative course of action. Contact Employee Wellness to learn more or for instructions.


Program Incentives and Rewards

  1. Employee participants who are enrolled in the ARHS health plan and who participate in LYL may be eligible for a premium discount. To qualify, the employee must complete annual LYL open enrollment by the communicated deadline and meet the goal(s) or fulfill the alternative standard. New employees or first time enrollees in Love Your Life receive the premium discount in their baseline year for completing enrollment requirements by the communicated deadline. Employees with a benefits qualifying event outside of LYL open enrollment may be eligible for the premium discount.
  2. ARHS Health Plan Premium Discount: $50 per premium deduction ($100 savings/month)
  3. All employee participants, regardless of health plan enrollment and/or whether or not they met their annual goals, are eligible to earn Wellness Credits worth up to $400 per year.
  4. Wellness Credits are earned online based on completed wellness activities such as exercise, preventive exams, wellness challenges, and more during the program year.
  5. Wellness Credits can be spent in a variety of places including HSA deposits, local retailers, and gyms.
  6. Wellness Credits, with the exception of HSA deposits, are considered a taxable fringe by the IRS. The taxable income for employees who choose gift cards/account credits at retailers and gyms will be added to the second paycheck of the month following quarter’s end.
  7. Gift Cards/Account Credits are like cash. It is the employees’ responsibility to keep up with it. Lost gift cards will not be replaced. Employees must follow rules of partnering retailers/gyms for gift card/account credit use and deadlines.
  8. Employees who terminate employment with ARHS before the Wellness Credits are issued, are no longer eligible to receive them.



  1. Employee Wellness is required by law to maintain the privacy and security of your personal, protected health information (PHI). Your health information is maintained in strict confidence by ARHS Employee Wellness and its affiliated including the wellness program provider who will be announced in the fall/winter of 2020.
  2. The information from Love Your Life, along with any other personal health information you provide to Employee Wellness, is not supplied to your supervisors, nor is it tied to your employment by ARHS or eligibility for health insurance now or in the future. For full details, review the Notice Regarding Employee Wellness Programs.


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