ALERT: Love Your Life enrollment will be in SEPTEMBER ONLY!

Employee Wellness News

Employee Wellness Challenge: 31 Veggies in 31 Days

Veg Out with Us! See if you can rise to the challenge of 31 different vegetables in 31 days. Join our challenge, and throughout the month of August you’ll receive helpful tips on buying, storing, and prepping your veggies. We’ll share our favorite healthy recipes and...

LYL Quarter 3 is Here: What You Need to Know

LYL Quarter 3 Dates: July 1 – September 30 Quarter 3 is underway! Be sure to log in to and click on Action Plan/Points Details for this quarter’s points opportunities. Earn 100 points to earn $100.00 in Wellness Credits. Use your Wellness...

Quarter 2 ends June 30th – take action now

When you visit Interactive Health’s website and earn 100 activity points by the quarter’s end, you earn $100.00 in Wellness Credits*. You then get to choose from one of the following incentives by taking the Wellness Credit Survey. You can find the Survey in the...

Welcome to Love Your Life

Love Your Life is an outcomes-based health incentive program which promotes healthy living through behavioral, educational, and risk-reduction activities. All ARHS Employees are encouraged to join Love Your Life at any time.

We are proud to introduce Interactive Health! All LYL activities in one spot!

  • Annual Health Evaluation (health questionnaire) and your results
  • Health Score and Health Goal to meet at next LYL enrollment
  • Health Activities tracker (which replaces WellSteps in 2017)
  • Earn Quarterly Wellness Credits (which replaces annual cash incentives)

Numerous Supportive Tools!

  • Ask a Personal Trainer/RD
  • Sync your wearable devices and earn step activity points towards Wellness Credits!
  • How-To Videos (exercise)
  • Food Journals
  • Online Workshops and Monthly Webinars
  • Health Coaching support (new partner replaces UMR Health Coaching – not required in 2017)

Days left in Quarter 3








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